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State ‘Pot Card’ = NAMES LIST!

…with essentially every CA county opting to needlessly keep a list of names (‘for unspecified future purposes…’) (the ?real purpose of this program), all Californians would be well advised, especially in these dark & troubled times, to boycott this now tragically ruined joke of a hijacked incompetent program.


Citizens need not EVER give their name to ANY government registry for their constitutional ‘Prop. 215’ medicinal cannabis rights. Period.

TEN YEARS + (!!!) into this law, we certainly don’t need this card now.

Should a ‘Prop 215 Purveyor’ insist that Patients do go ‘turn themselves in’ for the mere ‘privilege’ of buying marijuana from them for their personal financial gain, then Patients should simply seek a NEW source. The Patient’s half of whatever transaction (‘black market’, etc.) IS legal; though, as always, where feasible, it remains best to simply ‘grow your own’: both save $$$ and have privacy from this never-ending assault.

State Card Scandal: [2mb (large!) PDF - Click Here ] or [ 300k jpeg image - Click Here ]

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