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‘…Street prostitutes generally charge $150... but will take less if they are “desperate for crack”…’
                                                                                                - San Francisco Chronicle

  • Current Data : Of ~100+ CA marijuana doctor ‘clinics’ recently identified by a MAJOR reporter 80+% !!! were determined to be in reality CRIMINAL ‘Unlicensed Practice of Medicine’ health care frauds, appallingly often involving physician collusion, with ALL involved facing 1 year PRISON+, in addition to irrevocable permanent MD license loss.
  • Further, less than 1/4 of clinics identified even pretend to comply with the Medical Board’s minimal practice standards required for a Legitimate patient to withstand court challenge.
  • ALL ‘clinic’ and physician names are apparently undergoing Medical Board ‘review’.
  • Multiple recent RAIDS on these clinics resulted in HANDCUFFED PHYSICIANS ARRESTED along with multiple co-conspirator pimps.
  • Van loads of bogus ‘Medical records’ hauled off by multi-agency NARCOTICS teams for tabulation and dissemination as now mere public criminal evidence. (Just try to ever get into Canada now!)
  • ‘Sealed Indictments’ assure MUCH more of same underway.
  • Reality: See attached Press. These CRIMINAL hustlers exist for solely for scam ‘legalizing’ ‘able bodied young males’ without any underlying qualifying condition, NOT Legitimate Patients. (CLICK FOR PRESS DETAILS)

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72+ Clinics involved!

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Law Offices of NOSSAMAN, GUTHNER, KNOX & ELLIOTT, LLP  July 24, 2007   R. Stephen Ellis, M.D. Re: Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D. - Precendent Decision  Dear Steve: Here's a copy of the Board's decision in the Mikuriya case. I note on the Board's agenda for the upcoming meeting of Thursday, June 26, 2007, they will vote to adopt this decision as a precedent decision. If the vote is affirmative, that will define the standard of care for physicians providing Prop 215 recommendations. The meeting is going to be in South San Francisco at the Embassy Suites, 250 Gateway Boulevard. That item is scheduled for Friday,July 27, 2007, before the Division of Medical Quality who is meeting some time between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. I suggest you send somebody to monitor the meeting to see if they adopt the decision. Nonetheless, it is clear to me that the protocols that you adopted and follow make you bulletproof. In the future, make certain you monitor the Medical Board's publications to see that your practice is always consistent with the Medical Board's recommendations. Call me if you have any questions. Very truly yours, Robert J. Sullivan of NOSSAMAN, GUTHNER, KNOX & ELLIOTT, LLP

Click letter for larger-sized version. Also available in pdf format for printing.

The must-read Mikuriya Decision (pdf) was adopted as precedent
by the Medical Board of California on July 26, 2007.

Get A ‘Pot Card’
LOSE Your Driver’s License !
State Pot Card = Names List ! LATEST DATA!!!
With the proliferation of ‘$100’ pot script mills specialized in ‘legalizing’ those without any qualifying condition all peddling the same generic soiled toilet paper until the shutdown of ALL but legitimate NON-profit pot clubs *, individuals with NOTHING to lose from bogus legal protection should avoid overpayment for such criminal health care frauds. Traditionally these polished glib hustlers, in self-acknowledgement of their true worth, readily ‘match any price’ and routinely drop to $70 - and often MUCH less! Just leave a few voice mail offers, and you’ll get serviced! Good sport bragging to your buds who got the cheapest! And still be eligible for FREE POT $$$ ! But be forewarned : for a one time savings of less than 1/2 hour of a bottom-grade attorney, you also get disappearing doctors, revoked MD licenses [~?100+ to-date/underway—and many more expected] with invalidated pot Rx’s, refusal to support in court, embarrassing joke medical records, and well deserved ‘DEA magnet’ ‘Professional Reputations’ widely notorious to law enforcement for fake ‘patients’ throughout CA, with the bigger-the-brand name merely the bigger the scarlet letter.

Have Fun! ☺

FREE POT $$$!        FREE POT $$$!        FREE POT $$$!

If you have received a medical marijuana evaluation from a purported Medical Cannabis specialist that was NOT issued in FULL and COMPLETE compliance with the well published and established legally mandated practice standards including :

  • Perform a good-faith examination,
  • Be actually seen by the actual signing MD,
  • Collect appropriate legitimate diagnosis documentation - as per the routine standards of medicine - from your present treating doctor (or, if without current active care, either assume the entire case them self OR get the patient to an appropriate doctor / ~free community clinic to do such),
  • MAXIMUM 1 year recommendation length,
  • NOT be affiliated with a marijuana distributor (on-site/off-site) or illegal unregistered (800-633-2322) 'aiding and abetting' "clinic."
Then you have been conned with phony legal protection and are yet another victim of the pervasive medical marijuana ‘just show me your scar’ (or a note from your masseur) physician fraud scam and are due a FULL and IMMEDIATE REFUND from the perpetrators and any facilitating ‘referral service’/pot club’/etc.
?Illegal Unregistered Clinic Victim? ~ If in doubt, It's just a FREE call to find out! (800-633-2322) Get Yours' now!
ALL expired "Pot Rx's" qualify, too!)
For FREE Official State of California consumer refund, etc. assistance on your side just call 800-633-2322 !
(for further satisfaction, call both: 916-445-2842, press 1, then 6 and call 916-324-5437)


ALL 'for profit' Pot Clubs: CLOSURE Eminent !



Under our AG’s straightforward interpretation of SB 420’s explicit requirements, ONLY legitimate transparent and auditable public non-profits (as clearlydefined by routine CA non-profit law) may ‘sell’ medical cannabis. ANY ‘personal gain’ is specifically forbidden—other than a membership specified ‘reasonable compensation’ ‘salary’ (?~teacher/bureaucrat+ = ?~$50-$125k). Read The Law. Preposterous grandstandings not withstanding, ALL else is and always has been unequivocally ILLEGAL, at best the product of fantasy screwball legal theory yielding both inevitable overwhelming fees and prison. Corrective legislation is required to permit our refreshingly law-abiding AG more. Until such, with expected BNE wholesale Deliveries and Dispensaries shutdowns imminent of those remaining still flauntingly ignoring the warning (eliminating doubt our AG is indeed still ‘Governor Material’), the smash-and-grab infinite greed of a few (we all know who they are…) tragically has left pack-and-run-and-hope the ONLY survivorable alternative. Hopefully a final compliance cut-off date for official non-profit State filings, etc. will first be announced prior to expensive raids. ...If only more had spoken up sooner…

Our Tax Dollars, Hard At Work:
Dr. Ellis' Current Medical License
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Medical Board of California - Fictitious Name Permit FNP 28416 - Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations Medical Clinic - Roger Stephen Ellis, MD

The Medical Practice of Dr. R. Stephen Ellis is in full-compliance with the guidelines set by the California Medical Board (click here on link).


CAUTION: This Medical Board site ONLY lists concluded 'guilty' prosecutions and does NOT even acknowledge multi-year 'in-process' cases. Patients are STRONGLY advised to ask any prospective Cannabis Physician about both their personal as well as any "employer's" CURRENT investigation status prior to permitting care. Additionally, history has well proven that for ANY physician practicing on-site or in preferrential referral from any pot club or referral agency, it can only be assumed that both the physician and ALL referral sources are already under both DEA and State investigations (known or unknown) and ALL of the offending parties' medical records and ALL customer lists may well ultimately be subpoenaed. Perhaps best to just go elsewhere.

California Medical Board Guidelines for Doctors who recommend Medical Marijuana


Attention: ALL 'script mill' (pot-club-back-room 'clinic', wink-nod sham, etc... ) patient victims:


THE Benchmark of Legitimate Medical Marijuana Care — Since 2000!

Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations
Medical Clinic


Easy... and done RIGHT, too!

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