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Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations

Medical Clinic

M.M.P.E. Practice Profile

The Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations Medical Clinic provides Medical Marijuana Evaluations for qualified patients under California Proposition 215, also know as the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5  Our clinic takes pride in being in compliance with the California Medical Board Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Physicians.  Our practice was in compliance with these guidelines even before the California Medical Board published these guidelines.  Our practice set the standards for Medical Marijuana Physician Specialist Practices in California.

The Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations Medical Clinic (M.M.P.E.) is located in Downtown San Francisco, CA near Union Square and available by appointment only. Same day appointments are often feasible. The office is opened Monday and Tuesday for making appointments and administrative services. Patients are generally seen Wednesday through Saturday. The Office is closed on Sundays.  Call for more information or to make an appointment on our schedule line (415) 681-0823 or Toll Free (888)-POT-DOCS (888)-768-3627. You can leave a message on our voice mail for a return phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

M.M.P.E. Clinic Hours

Monday & Tuesday Hours Are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Phones Only)

Patients Are Generally Seen Wednesday—Saturday

but please call to confirm that Dr. Ellis is seeing patients that day,

same day appointments are available any day Dr. Ellis is seeing patients!

Wednesday—Saturday Patient Hours Are Generally 11:00 AM to 4 PM

though sometimes later, depending upon the number of patients scheduled

Occasionally the office will be closed due to Dr. Ellis' outside schedule. You must call to schedule an appointment to see Dr. R. Stephen Ellis, MD (CA License # G-40749).  We are not a referral service for medical marijuana doctors in your area. We are a medical clinic with one medical doctor located in San Francisco, California.  We can see patients living anywhere in the State of California in our medical clinic located in San Francisco.  A Prop. 215 recommendation written from our office is good anywhere in the State of California. We will ultimately require confirmation of your diagnosis from your MD (or DC, DPM, or DDS as appropriate). We work with our patients to develop appropriate case documentation as per the routine standards of medicine - the only acceptable standard of valid legal protection a 'Prop 215'- recommendation can provide. Please bring an official picture ID for proof of ID and age.  ALL patients (and any caregivers) MUST be at least 18 years of age and no longer attending high school. Exceptions in extreme cases can be made, so please feel free to call and discuss your situation.

The Initial New Patient Physical Exam and Evaluation with Dr. Ellis is $200.00 total if you qualify and a recommendation is issued. 

We Discount our New Patient fee by $50 if you are a Veteran, Transfer patient from another Medical Marijuna practice (i.e. been legal before), or are suffering from financial hardship of any sort due to the prolonged global recession. The discounted New Patient fee is $150.

There is an initial interview with Dr. Ellis to see if you qualify and the cost is included in the $200.00 new patient total fee. All patients that we will be able to assist then continue to undergo a physician performed medical history and physical exam as part of the initial visit. Those patients that we will not be able to help are immediately refunded all but $25 (for pre-screening assessment) of the total $200 new patient fee. The $200 new patient fee includes all follow-up visits needed as well as associated administrative services for the entire initial 6 month period. New Patients are covered for up to six months with their initial letter of recommendation.

Once you are an established patient (six months after your initial visit), expired letters can be re-issued if the condition is still valid. You must see Dr. Ellis at a scheduled appointment in person in order to have an expired letter re-issued.  Unfortunately, recommendations / physician statements can not be issued by telephone or mail at this practice. Any available updates to your medical records from your doctors confirming that your diagnosis is still valid are expected (and MAY be necessary) to complete the renewal process. The office visit and exam fee for established patients is currently $135.00 and any includes and all follow-up visits needed as well as associated administrative services for entire 1 year period. Established patients recommendations can be issued for up to one year duration as indicated.

Due to potential patient privacy issues, all fees are due and payable in full in CASH only at the time of your visit. Patients are to bring the entire $200 payment at their initial visit or $135 for their established patient visits (yearly renewals). Multiple banks and ATMs are in the immediate vicinity.

The San Francisco Clinic is very conveniently located in downtown San Francisco in the 450 Sutter Street Medical Building, Suite # 1415, between Stockton and Powell Streets, just one block North of Union Square. We are a short walk from Powell Street Station for convenient BART / MUNI (and hence SFO, OAK, & Cal Train) access from all of California. Multiple non-validated parking options on-site and very nearby. We recommend the Sutter & Stockton Street Garage, located just one half block away from our office; it's the least expensive in the area. Call for simplified directions.

Dr. R. Stephen Ellis, M.D.

Telephone Number for Information and Appointments:

California Toll-Free Phone Number

1-888-POT-DOCS (1-888-768-3627)

San Francisco Clinic Phone Number

(415) 681-0823


M.M.P.E. Medical Clinic Address:

Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations Medical Clinic (M.M.P.E.)

450 Sutter Street, Suite 1415

San Francisco, CA  94108

Located One Block North of Union Square in Downtown San Francisco

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Map of 450 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94108-4206

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