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California Medical Marijuana Program

Medical Cannabis Forms

Santa Cruz Vs Ashcroft

Dr. R. Stephen Ellis, M.D. License

Medical Board Guidelines for CA Physicians and Medical Marijuana

CA Medical Board's May 13, 2004 Press Release

San Francisco Dept. of Public Health's Medical Cannabis ID Card Program

State of California Medical Marijuana County Handbook

The Good Doctor Is In

Supreme Court on Pot

Cannabis Research Library

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* M.M.P.E. Medical Clinic is the Practice of Dr. R. Stephen Ellis, M.D. Medical Doctors in California cannot supply or assist patients in obtaining Medical Marijuana for their use under the current Federal Law classification of Marijuana as a Schedule One Drug.  Prescription Drugs are regulated by the U.S. Federal Government and doctors in all state must have a Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license to prescribe prescription drugs, therefore M.M.P.E. cannot link our website to any organization's websites that distribute Medical Marijuana to qualified patients.  Medical Doctors risk losing their Federal DEA license to prescribe drugs and could be prosecuted by the Federal Government if the physician aided and abetted the purchase, cultivation, or possession of marijuana.  The written recommendation from a doctor for Medical Marijuana is not considered aiding and abetting if the doctor has no other active role with the patient obtaining Marijuana. (See Conant vs. Walters ).

There is currently a conflict with CA state law and Federal law regarding Medical Marijuana.  Until we can get our elected officials in Congress to change the Federal Law, it remains illegal under U. S. Federal Law to possess Marijuana for any purpose.  Currently the U. S. Federal Government does not allow the medical use of Marijuana.  The State of California does allow the use of Medical Marijuana under State Law to qualified patients with a doctor's recommendation.  For more information on what a CA Medical Doctor can and can't help you with in regards to Medical Marijuana, Click Here.

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